Thuốc Lá Xanh Become Vaporessco and Smoant’s Global Partner

Thuốc Lá Xanh Become Vaporessco and Smoant’s Global Partner

Great news for the vaping community! Thuốc Lá Xanh have become a Global Parter for both Vaporessco and Smoant. 

Being a Global Parter will change Thuốc Lá Xanh for a certain way, a better way, all of which is for the good of customers, retailers or wholesalers. When comming to Thuốc Lá Xanh, customers will have a chance for better services, better price.

Wholesalers comming to Thuốc Lá Xanh will have great price advantages, don’t have to wait for too long for warranty and to get faster helps from the producers which improve the reputation of shop owners.

Thanks to being Global Partner of the “two big guys” in the vape world, Thuốc Lá Xanh can even helps shop owners to do exclusive products and can be notified the latest news from Vaporessco and Smoant.

The changes when we become the Global Parter:

  • Better price for wholesalers
  • Better warranty, fast and reliable.
  • Helps order new product, get the latest news.
  • Support doing exclusive products.

Established since 2015, Thuốc Lá Xanh was and always the one to bring vape or e-cigarette devices and vape related product to the community and in the mean time, helps prevent the use of cigarette for the aim of help making a safe, smoke-free, healthy living. Thuốc Lá Xanh is also known to be the one distributor with a good if not the best price for retail and whole sale.

Vaporessco is one of the best vape and e-cig producer with tons of flagship products that made the vape community’s headline such as the beginners products like Estoc RTA tank, the Veco Solo Mini kit, or when the user need to be a cloud chaser: the Revenger X. However, the flagship products that made the Việt Nam Market are Target, Target mini ect… Vaporessco focus on bringing their customers a satisfying yet simple vaping exprience, their product usually can produce a great vapor production and a accurate representation of your favorite bottle of e-juice.

Smoant is the name for the Việt Nam’s vape community to remember for the last few months, thanks to their great line of vape products which aim to the majority of vape user. for those who want to use vape just for quitting cigarette, they can choose the Smoant S8, a well evaluated pod system kit and combo that with a bottle of salt nicotine for maximum cigarette quitting effects. Or if the user just want to let off some steam and to have fun, they can always choose the Smoant Battlestar or if they want a powerful device the Cylon or charon mini, charon TS218 is the way to go. When you are looking for some type of vape device that suit your needs, chances are Smoant will have something for you.

With the abundant of product lines, great customers service and good warranty time, no wonder everyone want to be their partner.

To directly working with us, please contact one of the following:

we want to say thank you the vape community and we are looking forward to work with you soon.

As mentioned to our beloved business partners, Thuốc Lá xanh is going to have the right to be the distributor of the following limited and highly sought after products. these are a few of the example for the trust of Thuốc Lá Xanh from distributors from all over the world:

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